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Kimberly Rogers


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My Story

My Scentsy journey started with a leap of faith. In 2008 I came across the Scentsy website purely by coincidence. I had never even heard of it but the more i read the more i was intrigued. The whole idea of a Wickless candle was so unique and so interesting I knew i had to try it. At that time there was a map that showed how many consultants were in your state and to my surprise there weren’t any near me. So never having tried the product I signed up and started my own Scentsy business. I figured that for $99 what was the worst that could happen right ? If it didn’t work out, I’d still have a warmer, a bar, a room spray and 80 scentsy to try!

I received my kit in just a few days and I couldn’t wait to try it! The first scent I ever warmed was Sugar and it remains my favorite to this day. I got a perfectly Pomegranate room spray and samples of all 80 scents. I went through all of them and couldn’t wait to share them. I had my launch party with my friends and family and they all fell in love with Scentsy too. I got two parties booked and my mother in law asked my sister in law to host a party for me. She probably didn’t want to but she did because she’s family. Her parry was a huge success but she really wasn’t interested in joining. That was until she got her products. Then she knew she too had to be part of this journey. Together we learned as much as we could, booked parties, went to events and shared our love for the company.

My Scentsy business has provided me so many opportunities to meet new friends, provide for my family and share an amazing opportunity that has changed so many lives. I love working for a Company who’s philosophy on generosity encourages us to give more than we take.

I love my customers and my hosts and do my very best to make sure they know just how important they are to me. So many times, my best customers become hosts who then become consultants to either support their own addiction, earn a little extra money or start a career. They are all part of my Scentsy Family.

If you need a consultant to buy Scemtsy or would like to Host and earn fabulous rewards, just call, text or email me!

Thinking about starting your own business? Whether you’re looking for a little extra money, want full-time career or just want to meet new friends, you can work this business your way. For working moms you have a unique opportunity to have a successful business without sacrificing your family life. I would love to hear about your dreams and goals and help you start your Scentsy journey as work to achieve them. Please contact me for more information or if you’re ready to join visit my website at:

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started with any or all of your Scentsy needs!

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